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Concert Of Nino Katamadze & Insight (22.12.2017)

It is difficult to define the style of Nino Katamadze. She skillfully blends jazz, rock and Georgian music, and all this is done in the public eye.
Each song Nino is a mini-play, the main characters whose music, voice and improvisation fascinating, to repeat which is hardly possible. So every concert becomes a feast for devoted fans and a revelation for new listeners.

Collaboration Nino Katamadze with Insight group (the founder of the group Gocha Kacheishvili) began in 2000. Musicians touring around the world, record music and songs for films, produced albums... They combine Georgian national flavor with jazz and Blues, and even the familiar melodies acquire new meaning.

22 December theatre Jaalom will be a concert of Nino Katamadze & Insight. The concert will be performed works of c color album Green, Red and Yellow, as well as all your favorite hits from the iconic plates of White, Black, Blue.

Location: Theater a-Jaalom
Date: 22.12.2017
Time: 20:00


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