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Excursions on the North


Christian Galilee, Nazareth

Galilee – northernmost province of the Holy Land, the land of mountains, forests and valleys. The decoration of the Galilee – sea of Galilee (Kinneret) and the Jordan river. Excursion to Galilee not only introduces tourists to the places of Christian the North, but also give the opportunity to see much of the country, Arab and Jewish town... Learn more »

Golan heights

  The Golan heights is a basaltic plateau lying in the North-East of Israel. Sightseeing tour of the Golan plateau. The famous silver factory in Katzrin. The gorge of the Yarmouk, the Jordan and panorama plateau Gilad Katzrin - the capital of the Golan. History wars over the Golan (1967 and 1973). View of the sea of Galilee. Observation deck - view... Learn more »

Individual tour to Haifa and north area

Private tour for anyone interested in a professional VIP service at the highest level.We offer you comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles for carrying out your chosen excursions. You can order an excursion any convenient for you time and day of the week. Program excursii can be adjusted at your discretion. The cost of a private tour includes: transp... Learn more »

Haifa, Acre, Caesarea

First tourists visit Caesarea national Park. An ancient city well Studied by archaeologists and we see the results of the excavations, nearly 50 years. The theatre is one of the most famous spots of Caesarea. Among the recent discoveries of archaeologists – the Hippodrome and the area of the forum. Tourists will see the mosaic floors, the colonnade... Learn more »

Hamei Gaash

Hamei Gaash Hot springs Gaash"), - a luxury complex with two swimming pools, saunas (wet and dry), several showers with warm thermo-mineral water and center of body care. Learn more »

Haifa, Akko, Rosh Hanikra

The main attraction of Haifa – the Bahai gardens cascades. We will first see the lower part of the gardens to the main fountain. Then there is the opportunity to visit the Central part of the gardens with an internal garden and a cactus garden and see the tomb of the Baabe (one of the prophets of the Baha'i faith). The building and its Golden dome ... Learn more »

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