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Vacation in Israel

Vacation in Israel, it attracts many tourists from different countries of the world in its diversity. The diversity in itself as this amazing country (in a tiny area that is Israel, there are nine different climatic zones) and stay in it.

If You are interested in a holiday in Israel on the sea – it offers the beaches of the Mediterranean sea, in Read Sea or bathing in the waters of the sea of Galilee (also called the sea of Galilee). If You want to combine treatment and rest in Israel, we recommend you to visit the region of the Dead sea, healing powers are known throughout the world. In other words, options for a beach holiday in Israel quite a lot, no wonder it is called "the four seas".

If You want to do, or just to visit-rich history of ancient cities and their environs – vacation in Israel will allow their guests to plunge into the centuries and become part of the history of world religions. The eternal city – Jerusalem, in one of the hotels where You can ostanovitsja, Bethlehem – the birthplace of the Savior, Nazareth, copper mines of king Solomon, the ancient port of Jaffa, where according to legend he built the ark Noah... it is only a small part of that offers this amazing country.

If You are interested in a vacationin Israel on the Mediterranean sea , You'll like cities: tel Aviv, Haifa, Netanya, Herzliya, acre, bat Yam, Nahariyya and Ramat Gan.

Nightlife in Israel is also likely to appeal to fans of nightlife and parties. Tel Aviv is an amazing mix of modern dynamic financial and cultural center and the charm of coastal southern city. This city never sleeps - here all the time something happens, life is in full swing. To know all the joys of the big city, its nightlife and entertainment 24 hours a day. In recent years the tourist industry of the city was invested huge amounts of money, and now tel Aviv has to offer its guests a holiday to suit every taste.

Herzliya is a city on the Mediterranean coast. It was founded by American Jews in 1924, and offers a calm, luxury vacation. Here is a popular medical centre, which is famous for a wide range of plastic surgery services, as well as a strong children's section.

Another major city of Haifa, located just North of tel Aviv. Haifa can rightly be considered the Northern capital of Israel. The population of Haifa is less than the capital – about 270 thousand. inhabitants, but, nevertheless, is a vibrant city. The Bahai gardens on mount Carmel, an underground cable railway, funicular railway, zoo – all of this you can see coming here on a tour. From Haifa you can go on a cruise to the Greek ostrovam or Cyprus.

Israel frequently hosts a variety of conferences, seminars and business meetings. Due to the pleasant climate and good standard of hotels, increasingly, business people from Russia and CIS countries choose this country for his or her business needs. Learn more about business tours in Israel You can read the relevant section.

If You are tired of cases and want to relax from the stresses of everyday life – welcome to the Dead sea! Rest and treatment in Israel at the Dead sea will help to recover strength for new achievements. This region is unique in its climate – healing just about anything! Water and Dead sea mud helps with skin diseases, air, rich in ozone useful to all without exception, and the sun here does not leave burns, because the region is situated at the lowest point of land.

Holidays in Israel – is always an unforgettable experience no matter how You prefer to relax. The project Israelbooking the Israeli side created specially for Russian-speaking tourists who want to organize their own journey. On our website You can book a hotel, choose a tour or a guide, but also to buy a ticket, book a Shuttle or met at the airport and to arrange for medical services.



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