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Vacation at the Dead sea.

Stay at the Dead sea for those who want to combine rest and recovery, because the Dead sea is famous for its rich natural resources. Here almost all year round summer and almost constant air temperature and sea water – without drastic daily and seasonal temperature fluctuations. The combination of unusual atmosphere, solar activity, dry climate and water create a unique environment for unique, unique where else resort, famous since ancient times and has received in our time a powerful impetus in infrastructure development, now attracts tourists from all over the world.

In addition to hotels and SPA, Dead sea you can see some interesting sights, such as:

Excursion to Ein Gedi

We offer several programs with leisure at the Dead sea:

Great journey across the four seas
14 nights. Read more.

Three seas for the week
7 nights. Read more.

Holiday and excursions
7 nights. Read more

Tour to the Dead sea without the flight
7 nights. Read more.

Other tours You can find on the page ready rounds and the Dead sea .



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