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Treatment and rest in Israel.

Rest and treatment on resorts of Israel, as well as recovery and relaxation in numerous SPA Centers - an integral part of any trip to Israel. We urge You to choose at least one of the following places, in order to fully enjoy your holiday! Medical care at the highest level awaits those who need consultations of doctors – specialists in all profiles, as well as in the course of treatment or rehabilitation in medical centers in Israel. Special programmes for medical tourism, you can purposefully choose both the clinic and the doctor. For those who just want to relax and unwind, there are several options in different parts of the country.

In the North and Center of Israel offers known resorts: Hamat Gader, chamey tveria, hamei Gaash, hamei Yoav. These resorts are famous for its thermal and mineral springs, whose waters are rich in salts and help get rid of fatigue, pain, regulate the General condition. Some of them have a long history and are known since Roman times.

The South of Israel as famous for its resorts Ein Bokek - of course the most famous of all, located on the shore of the Dead Sea. Best hospitals of the resort will provide a wide range of procedures, both health and preventive. Ein Gedi – a large modern SPA Center on the shores of the Dead Sea North from Ein Bokek (35 minutes). Offers thermal and sulphurous springs and pools, as well as a large selection of Wellness treatments. In the area of the Negev desert, near the capital of the South, is Newe Midbar. Gray-magnesium sources, swimming pools with mineral waters, treatments.
For those who want to spend your vacation with advantage for health, too, agree that there are plenty to choose from! Tourists who visit the resorts of Israel, leave the most flattering comments! On our website you will find all necessary information about resorts, and will be able to choose for themselves a suitable option for You!

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