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Tours to the Dead sea

Dead sea, Israel... it is Hard to imagine that even some fifty years ago the Dead sea was only known to specialists and did not represent tourist value. Now – tours to Israel at the Dead sea represent a unique complex of medical-tourism services. Momentum, as it so often is, was the accident. In 1959 a group of lost German tourists ended up in this deserted area then. Wandering around, they came across the kibbutz Ein Gedi... Since then, the tourism in this region has grown rapidly and now rest and treatment at the Dead sea have become a popular destination of tourist industry of Israel.

Treatment at the Dead sea in Israel .

Themselves tours to the Dead sea are not uncommon and can be found in abundance in the market but we provide You the opportunity to choose a hotel or clinic where you would like to stop to rest or get treatment. The dead sea is a unique place not only for Israel, but also in General on our planet. The fact that the microclimate of this place and location are combined in such a way that is suitable for a comfortable and relaxing stay, and for the treatment of various diseases. For example, common treatment of psoriasis at the Dead sea. Dead sea mud and water help in the treatment of skin diseases and the air is rich in ozone and other beneficial ingredients helps in curing diseases of the respiratory system and nervous system. Due to the fact that the Dead sea is the lowest point on the planet of sushi, it is believed that the sun here is much less aggressive, so it is extremely difficult to burn. Nevertheless, if You have planned a tour to the Dead sea with the child, and he's under 18, I advise you to consult further with the doctor, unnecessarily. swimming and sunbathing are not recommended for children without prescriptions.

The dead sea is the most "tight" reservoir. This means that its water contains so much salt that allows You to lie on it without fear of drowning. For this reason, it is not necessary to bathe in its waters: in large doses, like any medication, it will be hardly useful. It is recommended to be in water no more than 20 minutes two or three times a day.

Hotels Dead sea will please their visitors not only quality service, but also by the fact that almost every hotel has its own Wellness centre. Our project, established on the initiative of the Israeli side, features a wealth of hotels, among which You can choose your favorite and book it directly, without any intermediaries. Prices for hotels in the Dead sea in this case will be slightly lower in comparison with ready-made proposals from travel agencies. One of the advantages of this place, and Israel in General – Russian-speaking staff. Not only among hotel employees, but also among physicians, that is important. On our website, making a tour to the Dead sea, You can also choose the right treatment program and the clinic in advance. Restoration of health is only a part of what can offer this unique region.

Stay at the Dead sea

What the Dead sea SPA, granted by nature itself, known to many. But apart from that its surroundings offer many attractions.

Masada is one of them. This impregnable fortress, located on top of a mountain two thousand years ago was in the terrible siege. The long months of her trying to capture Roman troops, but to no avail. When, finally, the defenders ran out of water and supplies, they preferred death to captivity and slavery. In the fortress are ancient frescoes, and in its vicinity – the remains of the Parking lot of a Roman Legion.

In addition to the fortress, you can visit the cave that hid the future king David from king Saul.

The region also is a reserve Qumran, where in one of the caves in the mid-twentieth century Bedouin teenager finds ancient scrolls of the old Testament.

According to legend, when the Lord sent punishment on Sodom and Gomorrah, he was allowed to escape only the family of the righteous. They had to leave the city, under one condition – never to look back until the city disappear from view. But the wife of a righteous man are unable to cope with the temptation and turned back... as a punishment for this she turned into a pillar of salt... This post is located in the surroundings of the Dead sea. It is considered that this is the wife of the righteous.

Interesting to visit the kibbutz Ein Gedi, which is an interesting Botanical garden.

As You probably already realized that a vacation at the Dead sea is diverse and will suit any tourist. How exactly it will be for You personally only You can decide. We, on the other hand provide a wide range of hotels and services (including treatment, airfare, transportation, etc.) to compose your own individual tour to the Dead sea.

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