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Tours in Netanya

Netanya is one of the most popular and largest resorts of the Mediterranean coast of Israel. The length of its magnificent beaches, Netanya has surpassed even tel Aviv, the overall length is over 13 miles! All of them are perfectly equipped and arranged, and each of them has its "creative" flavor. The fame of the city, in many ways, brought the beaches. In addition a huge number of restaurants, plenty of bars and clubs for nightlife lovers, complement the abundance of museums and memorials for tourists who prefer cultural rest. For lovers of nautical sports the good news is the lack of breakwaters on the coastline of Netanya – a Paradise for fans of sailing and Windsurfing! On the endless beaches, you can play badminton, work out in the gym under the open sky, and even horseback riding! Each is different from another, whether the subject or the relief. Only 9 of them.

Unique, modern architecture of the city and its shopping malls, galleries and shops will impress those who prefer walking in urban landscapes. You can visit the Diamond Exchange, walk around the memorials and museums, which are many! There are parks, reserves within the city and even the winter pond! And just walk along the coastal boulevards will bring a lot of fun!

Netanya never static, it is constantly evolving, and so is one of the largest centers of leisure and tourism. She has many faces, but always friendly and never boring! The city's location allows you to fully enjoy the trips around the country: Netanya is located between tel Aviv and Haifa (30 - 45 minutes). Netanya hotels will delight you with its convenient location, comfort and good service for a very reasonable cost! You can use our system to search and book hotels, and to find a suitable for your relax, the hotel. Rich excursion program, the details of which you will find on our site will help you to relax and get pleasure!

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