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Tours in Eilat

Tours in Eilat is the purest water is a comfortable temperature and coral reefs, warm sun all year round, numerous beach and water attractions, modern infrastructure and quality service. The combination of all this allows the resort to be attractive for divers and other water sports enthusiasts and for families. The southernmost point of the country, almost on the border with Egypt, Eilat affects the pastoral paintings of the desert, along with the twinkling lights of the young city! It is also called the Red city, (blame sandy color "stone" in the desert), the mountains framing the city, and in truth appear red. Thousands of tourists exploring the city, return again and again!

Located near the city airport Ovda (35 minutes by bus), receives flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg. And located directly in the city airport local destination, allows you to Eilat as a starting point, and one of the stops for traveling to Israel (the flight from tel Aviv will cost you a small amount and only takes 50 minutes). To build this tour, including booking tickets on domestic flights and transfers, you will be able on our site!

Close to the town (10 - 15 minute drive) you will find a small mini-Safari - Park, wildlife of the desert and a Biblical Park in which are located the ancient mines of King Solomon. In the city you can enjoy diving on coral reefs, swim with dolphins and look at the inhabitants of the sea Museum – aquarium.

Besides all that – comfortable hotels of different categories, restaurants, clubs, shopping malls, cinemas, pubs on the coast...the choice is great, it remains to schedule the long-awaited vacation! The sun adds energy and mood, according to statistics in Eilat 360 Sunny days a year, and regular exhibitions and festivals will not let you get bored even if you are not a diver! Selection of trips around the country, of course, not as rich, like everywhere, but still you will be able to choose for themselves something suitable! Our website will help You to find all necessary information about the hotels and tourist attractions of the red City!

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