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Tour of the Holy Land

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AccommodationJerusalem - 2 nights Tiberias - 5 nights Eilat -4 nights tel Aviv - 1 night.
ExcursionsTel Aviv-Yafo (half day)
Jerusalem of 3 religions
Christian Jerusalem - Bethlehem
Christian Galilee
Haifa, Akko, Caesarea
Route1 day. "The arrival at the Ben Gurion airport. Transfer and accommodation in hotel in Jerusalem.
Day 2. Excursion: Jerusalem - the city of 3 religions.
Day 3. Excursion: Jerusalem Christian Bethlehem. Bethlehem .After excursion accommodation at hotel in Netanya.
Day 4. Free day on the Mediterranean.
Day 5. Tour: Christian Galilee. Nazareth.
Day 6. Guided tour: tel Aviv – Jaffa (the Diamond exchange, the diamond Museum of Epigamer, exhibition hall).
7 day. Tour: Haifa – Akko – Caesarea.
Day 8. Transfer to Eilat. Accommodation at the hotel. Factory visit-shop Eilat stone the Eilat Tour: a panorama of Israel's borders with Jordan and Egypt, meeting with Eilat. Swimming in the Red sea.
9-11дни. Holiday in Eilat. Options: 2-hour boat trip with a glass bottom over the coral reef. King Solomon's mines of Timna. Aquarium.
Day 12. Moving to the center of the country. Hotel accommodation in tel Aviv. Holidays in the Mediterranean.
Day 13. Departure to Ben Gurion airport
Minimum price
What is included in the tourgroup transfers according to the itinerary of the tour
food, depending on the selected type
group tours in Russian language
What is not included in the tourflights
medical insurance
visa - if needed
NotePossible changes in the program due to Jewish holidays( with the races falling on periods 27.09.15-05.10.15

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