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Sightseeing tours

Sightseeing tours to Israel, as a religious-oriented, and infotainment will certainly have become a major source of impressions about this unusual, colorful country! Properly constructed tour program will bring You a huge amount of unforgettable impressions! There are a few basic directions to adhere which it is not necessary, but to pick out at least a few – just necessary!

The most popular and recommended places to visit and places:

  • Jerusalem
  • Galilee and Nazareth
  • The sea of Galilee and surroundings
  • Tel Aviv – Jaffa
  • Haifa, Caesarea and Akko
  • Dead Sea

Any of these areas can be found both in the format of a group tour or create your own itinerary. Tour theme can be very diverse, and Israeli guides meet the highest requirements of the most erudite tourists!
When planning excursions, of course, you should consider several main factors. Taking into account such factors as the distance between the places of visit and travel time, you can take full advantage of your time! In Israel, the quality of the impressions depends on the quantity of information provided. It is very important to try not to mix subjects, even sites close to each other geographically. Remember not to do too much, as you would not want. So you ensure the most informative and enjoyable vacation!

Some sightseeing tours are based on visiting historic and religious monuments. To start with Israel as possible from North to South (Eilat – Dead Sea – Jerusalem, etc.), and Vice versa, from North to South through the Centre: for example, Tiberias – tel Aviv, Jerusalem to Eilat. Really – the options are countless! A lot of monuments, museums, zoos and parks and even shopping tours and gourmet. Depending on the season and time of stay, the program may be the most unusual and diverse!

On our website you will find a detailed description of routes and places to visit, and to choose the best and suitable option to You!

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