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Pilgrim tours

Pilgrimage tours in Israel – one of the main objectives of the arrival in the Holy Land. On the territory of the state of Israel are relics of three world religions and the most important shrines of Christianity. By using our site, You can build your own tour route to the Holy Land, directly to reserve hotels for pilgrimage in Israel, to select attendants, guides and transfers. The project was established by the Israeli side to allow the guests from Russia and other CIS countries on their own, without intermediaries, to make the individual tours to Israel, including, and pilgrimage. The range of services also includes the baptism in Israel.

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land is an important part of the life of any Christian, the opportunity with trepidation in my heart to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, take a dip in the Holy water of the Jordan river, to visit Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth and other Holy sites. Jerusalem pilgrimage, as a rule, organized in the days of Orthodox holidays: Easter, Christmas, Epiphany, Cretinine, etc. However, many of the Holy places available to visit on ordinary days, and if the pilgrimage to Israel is not the main purpose of Your trip, You have to visit in the less crowded days. If You want to be in full communion with the Great Mysteries, participate in holiday services, we, of course, is to choose for your trip on holidays.

In addition to the religious aspects of such visits, interesting and educational section. Accompanied by professional guides, guests can learn a lot from the history of the state of Israel, visit the ancient city, feel the atmosphere of the country. Excursions and tours you can choose on our site and book right from home.

We hope that with our help, organize pilgrimage tours to Israel from Moscow, Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kiev and Minsk would become easier. Our goal is to make pilgrimage to Israel is closer and more accessible, and to provide You with the choice of making an individual route.

We are waiting for You in the Holy Land!

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