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Business tours in Israel

Business tourism unites "сorporate travel industry" and "MICE" (meetings industry).
Business tourism consists of business trips (business trips) businessmen and entrepreneurs, Congress and exhibition and incentive tourism, and occasion events.

We will help You organise your trip (business trip) of Your employees for business purposes or corporate events.

Tour programs:

OPTION I (South):
Day 1 - arrival at the airport "Ovda" (Eilat, Red sea), transfer to hotel, dinner.
Day 2 - a Walk around Alaska the Bay on the boat 2.5 hours (including barbecue and drink light wine and beer Israeli production), after lunch, the conference
3 day - excursion to Jerusalem, the evening Gala dinner with live entertainment.
Day 4 - transfer to airport, departure to Moscow.

The estimated cost of the program 4 days / 3 nights, starting from 400$ (group of 50) flight tickets

The price includes:
Accommodation in 5* hotel, 3 nights
Meals all-inclusive
Shuttle service to / from the airport (private bus)
Medical insurance
Tour Of "Jerusalem"
Yacht for 2.5 hours just for the group
Support group on the conference day (8 hour day)
Conference room including coffee break (1 day)
Rental of equipment at conference hall for 1 day (projector, screen, microphone, flipchart)
Galla dinner in a separate restaurant in the hotel, including drinks, wine and beer Israeli production
Entertainment in the hotel at the Gala dinner.

II VARIANT (center):
Day 1 - arrival at airport Ben Gurion. Transfer and accommodation in Jerusalem hotel
Day 2 - Jerusalem: old city, Church of the Holy sepulchre, and monasteries. A visit to the Museum of the history of Jerusalem – Tower of David($)
Day 3 - visit to the Memorial of the catastrophe and heroism Yad by Vez, the Israel Museum($), Shrine of the Book,($) Museum "Israel in miniature"($)
Day 4 - transfer to hotel at the Dead sea
Day 5 - excursion to the waterfall of Ein Gedi ($), walk. Transfer to hotel in tel Aviv day 5
Day 6 conference
Day 7 - sightseeing tour of tel Aviv-Jaffa.
Day 8 - departure to the airport of Ben Gurion.

The estimated cost of the program 8 days / 7 nights starting from 600 USD (if 50 people) flight tickets

The price includes:
Accommodation in 3* hotels: 3h. in Jerusalem, 1N. the Dead sea and 3h. in tel Aviv.
The food for Breakfast and lunch
Medical insurance
Transfers and excursions with private bus
Tours are conducted in comfortable buses with air conditioning.
All tours are conducted in Russian language professional tour guides with government license.

Extras: marked as -$ (paid inputs):
the Museum of the history of Jerusalem David Tower$ 20 per person.
The Israel Museum Jerusalem is$ 30 per person.
The Museum of Israel in miniature$ 25 per person.
Excursion to the waterfalls of the Ein Gedi 12$ per person
Additional paid inputs unspecified above as paid, and also donations to some temples and churches (1-2$)

Together with well-known in the field of professional education and business consulting companies, we organize international professional seminars on a wide range of subjects and programmes developed in accordance with the recommendations of the customer.
The aim of these seminars is the training of specialists, transfer of guests, Israel's wealth of experience gained in our country in various fields of business, technology, industry, trade, science, education, medicine, security and many other areas.
All the participants admitted to the seminar, receive the international Diploma on relevant topics, as well as additional certifications for each specialization.

The program of these tours are consistent with the customer, and in addition to training workshops could include study tours to Israel and the rest. The cost depends on its duration, subject matter, program, number of participants, the category of hotel, meals, excursion service ordered and may vary.

The seminars in Israel:
• The securities market
• The banking system
• Accounting
• International trade
• The customs system
• The tax system
• Administration and management
• Patent law. Protection of intellectual property
• Business consulting
• Insurance
• The social insurance system
• Real estate
• Urban and housing
• Building a business
• Construction and repair of roads
• Transport system
• High-tech (high technology)
• Means of communication
• Computers and programming
• Security and the fight against terror
• The tourist business
• Hospitality management
• Car service
• Advertising business
• Printing
• Chemical industry
• Jewelry. Diamond industry
• Agriculture. Kibbutzim
• Winemaking
• Livestock
• Ecology
• Water purification
• Food industry
• Professional education
• Education in higher and secondary educational institutions
• Human resources (HR) services
• Medicine and treatment in Israel
• Medical equipment
• Pharmaceuticals
• Dentistry
• Modern cosmetology
• Methods of rejuvenation
• Massage
• Improve your memory
• Alternative medicine
• Teaching Hebrew
• English language training


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